Call for Papers
We welcome submissions for a 20 minute talk (followed by 10 minutes of discussion) or a poster, addressing theoretical problems in languages spoken in the area of East Asia, such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or the minority languages spoken in China and/orTaiwan, and in the area of Southeast Asia, such as Vietnamese. We are particularly interested in theoretically oriented work bearing on issues in syntax, semantics, phonology, morphology, language acquisition, or psycho/neurolinguistics that contributes to the understanding of Universal Grammar. We also welcome comparative work among (South) East Asian languages and/or between a (South)East Asian language and other languages.
Special Panel on Tenses and Finiteness
TEAL-11 will have a special panel on tenses and finiteness. We particularly welcome submissions addressing the syntax and semantics of tenses as well as issues related to finiteness in East Asian languages.
(Submission Requirements : please refer to the Submission page for further information)
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